Mube Printing Company has created hangtags, woven labels, shopping bags and catalogs in Turkey for local and international clients since 1999.
All About Mube Printing Company

Mube printing remains a vital component of the Beyhan family business which has been in operation for over 30 years.

The Beyhan brothers Rammizan, Mustapha, and Mehmet opened their first print shop in Istanbul in 2000. Due to their knowledge and experience in the apparel industry, the brothers initially focused on the production and manufacture of woven and printed labels for the Turkish fashion industry.

The business quickly expanded with the addition of hangtag production facilities. Rising demand for our products supported a natural expansion to the European and Baltic states.

Over 30 years of successful global export experience assures seamless and timely delivery of our products across the globe and throughout the United States.

What Mube Printing Company is saying about labels, hangtags and the retail printing and marketing industry.


Embedding Quality-- Details Matter!

by, Mehmet Beyhan

A quality garment label is critical. It identifies the product and provides a visual and tactile reference for the customer. Never underestimate the importance of this.

Label Design should always be integrated with the product and company the label is representing.

Fabrics can (and should be) combined. As an example, taffeta and satin. Fabric separation provides a stronger tactile reference for customers and is synonymous with a quality product offering.

Rim knitting is a process used in fine garment labels, usually for underwear garments. It does not damage the garments to which it is attached.

Windowed Display Boxes allow your customers to see the product inside the box without being able to touch it. Assures a consistent representation of the protected product within.

Matt cellophane paper prevents the transference of fingerprints and wear to your products. Only gilt and lacquer can be pressed over matt cellophane.

Why do we gilt? Because it catches the eye, promotes brand distinction and provides an immediate visual packaging reference for your products.

How strong should a box be? Only use corrugated cardboard for shipping and storage. Anything else will dent or become marred. Corrugated cardboard is also biodegradable and can be promoted as "Green".

Shopping bags are recyclable non-polluting, portable advertisements. Nothing more, nothing less. Useful to and appreciated by consumers when shopping. Should always be easy to carry and should always incorporate appropriate logo representation with a complimentary and/or contrasting color palette.